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2 years ago

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I went to a wedding on New Year's Eve at a local hotel. It was a beautiful ceremony and the meal afterwards. My partner cheesecaketube and I were at a table with about 10 people who had never seen before. We get along with a couple of very well. However, a woman was there alone cheesecaketube - her husband had been invited, but did not and could not attend. She was very nice and I felt really sorry for themselves. When the meal was finished, we left and entered the room to chat and drink wear. I told Cathy that a warm welcome, instead of being alone. He sat with me and we chatted about this and that. She said her marriage was not happy, and spoke of her husband - and his lack of libido. My companion, Toby, cheesecaketube was bored and had been to raise the level of a chat with the other men - and smoke one! I sympathized with Cathy and told her that my marriage was once at 4 cheesecaketube years, broken by the same thing. The fast time and before I knew it was time to goDress for the evening cheesecaketube "no". Cathy gave me a hug and left saying that he would see later. I went down about an hour later, he entered the living room and Cathy was there. He called me and said he had saved a chair for me. Toby went to look for his companions - no doubt a man's man. cheesecaketube I sat next to Cathy, and we talked again. She pulled her chair around what was ahead of me and when she moved I could see a hairy pussy. Not knowing if this was meant, I told her I could see, and he told me. "Well, I do not care if you do not," I said I would not mind, in fact, of which, I might say, who had very look good. She said it is very exciting to sit there without underwear in place. I bent down to pick up my wallet from my pocket, and when I lifted the bag until I put my other hand under her skirt. I could feel the thick hair on her pussy and she gasped a little, then moved a little forward in his chair to give me better access. cheesecaketube II slid my finger between her swollen lips was soaked. I found it hard protruding clitoris and ran my finger on it. She moaned and moved like crazy - so much that I was afraid someone would notice. She said she wanted to go to the bathroom - and suggested that I follow in a minute or two. She left, I went to the bar and had a drink and brought it back to our table. Then I went to the bathroom. She was waiting in a taxi. I went in and was up in the toilet seat, lifted her skirt and asked me to lick it. I licked and sucked her clit and shoved three fingers into her pussy wet. He came again and again - your poor legs were shaking and could barely stand. He cheesecaketube licked my dry and told me to go back - Toby take care of me. I think I'm the lady of the day - I was so in need of some attention - and 65 I think you deserve it!

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